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Why are we so judgemental? Why do we think we are usually(by moderate estimates) correct and the other person is usually(again, moderate) wrong. We feel we are better than the other guy. We’re better than anybody who is not doing the same as us. And if he/she happens to be doing the same, then they are copy cats! Which is again not positive. Such pervasive negativity does not bode well for our collective mentality as a global society.

A picture I saw on the internet. Source unknown.Why do we usually(you know what I mean) look at others in negative light? Why do we lose so much love in this world just for a momentary kick of self supremacy(which is perverse in itself)? Is it worth it? Why do people hate each other so much for no real reason?

You want to know what it leads to? This show of hate towards others and feigning love for ourselves in front of them. It depletes our capacity to love. Inevitably, it gets harder to even love ourselves. It’s a slow and subtle change in our psyche with time. As a result, when we are alone, we can’t love ourselves and that’s a depressing thought, big time, because we are left with no love in our lives! Hate, hate everywhere.

We are so selfish. We excel in team work only for the sake of our careers and families(that too immediate only). We are kidding ourselves because the true blood team player would consider the entire humanity as one team which needs to work together to solve its problems. Friction at every opportunity doesn’t help. When it comes to daily life, we want all the satisfaction for ourselves. We want ourselves to be considered great. More than that, our goal is to be considered better than the other person.

My son got into IIT(an ivy league equivalent in India) is a level 1 kick. Your son didn’t get into one promotes it to level infinite. How pathetic is that? We live in such contemptuous times that we don’t even need a reason for this sort of contempt. It has become a reflexive mind action. Whether there is scope for the other person to be made to feel better or not, we don’t give a damn. How would that benefit us anyway? Truth is, it will. When you benefit someone without thinking of its benefits for yourself, its benefits will inevitably reach you somehow or the other in some unanticipated way and may never even know it. We have to elevate our thinking above such petty matters and learn to experience joy through others happiness. That is the key. To look at the bigger picture.

Racism too has its roots in such a mentality, only thing is they based it only on colour. Today, we base it on every nitty gritty of life. “Your race is different? You suck.” Sounds senseless? “You do things differently? Your way sucks.” Sounds disturbingly alike. Both are baseless and unreasonable. Take a minute, think about the possible merits of his/her way. If you can’t figure any, then ask! If it turns out they are actually doing something in an inefficient way, politely suggest remedies while explaining to them where they may be erring. Don’t patronize. That is different. Rely only on logic. Be constructive. We need a logically thinking, constructive society. Not a sniggering, sneering one because that won’t lead to any good.

We have spent so many millennia of millennia evolving to reach here. Lets not remain stuck in an “I’m better than you so screw you” world. Lets be more open minded and receptive to suggestions. Be willing to change for the better. Appreciate creativity. The world would be so much better if we could all elevate our thinking to a higher level then remain restricted to antiquated, rigid and often negative schools of thought. Lets liberate our minds and liberate humanity. Lets take a step closer to godliness, as a group. Together, with everyone.