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I have been very interested in writing since an early age. I loved writing essays, speeches and articles since I can remember. Never ever found it uninteresting to write a piece on a given topic. Then why, I wonder, that, though I have wanted to write a blog since I was in school, I haven’t got myself to write one yet, even after completing college.

The problem I am facing is not how to write, but what to write about. It is not a question of not being able to find the right words, but about finding a topic! That’s what sets blogging apart from writing essays because when I wrote those, I was almost always given a topic and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all I need to get going!

I figured one way to overcome this trouble would be to give it a start, a nudge, or a push by putting down the exact thoughts in my head. After all, that is the essence of writing blogs. Kind of like a journal. Penning thoughts. It’s better to give it a start, no matter what kind of start, than idling around for years together thinking what to write about! Once the engine gets started, it would be easier to move forward!

That having been said, here is my first blog about my difficulty in starting to blog! Quite funny I must say. Now with the trouble of starting out of the way, I hope to usher many more blogs to come! If anybody has any topics that they would like me to have a go at, please feel free to comment as it would help with the biggest headache of my blog! 😛